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Exemple d’arnaque nigériane

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arnaque nigeriane

Fraude 419

J’ai reçu un bel exemple d’arnaque nigériane aujourd’hui.
Je copie ci-dessous le mail in extenso pour une bonne indexation par nos amis les moteurs de recherche.
Franchement chapeau ! C’est du beau boulot. Professionnel et tout. J’avais reçu un premier mail qui était une introduction. Puis ce second qui cherche à m’hameçonner. Il y a même un site qui présente effectivement l’avocate avec ses coordonnées mail et tel.

Pour mémoire, voici ce qu’en dit wikipedia : « La fraude 419 (aussi appelée scam 419, ou arnaque nigériane) est une escroquerie répandue sur Internet. Elle consiste à promettre la survenance d’une grosse somme d’argent dans le futur, exigeant de la victime qu’elle communique des éléments d’identité bancaire ou qu’elle fasse un paiement en amont afin de permettre la réalisation du gain à venir. La dénomination 4-1-9 vient du numéro de l’article du code nigérian sanctionnant ce type de fraude. »

Jérôme Bondu

Lettre de la fraude

Dear Mr. Jérôme Bondu,

The purpose of meeting with you is to meet your interest in an acquisition case that is influenced by my professionalism. I’m an Attorney at « Hispanic Law firm » in Spain. I seek your collaboration as a decedent relative to my late client Mr. Aaron Rick Bondu. He made a mutual capital deposit of approximately Eight Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars in a Bank here in Spain, before his death, and as his custodian attorney, I wish, seek your partnership to benefit the funds.

I fully understand you are not related biologically but by virtue of the circumstances surrounding your name similarities, richly concluded a 100% possibility of you being a potential entity to administer the claim. On the fact that you bear the surnames [Bondu], and since there was no written WILL made, it gives an absolute guarantee to proceed with the acquisition legally, thus I wish to represent you as Next of kin to claim the funds.

I’m humbling asking for your acceptance in order to « administer Trusts, set-up acquisition on your names, carry out Administration Of Estates through an administered Powers Of Attorney » so that you can receive the funds legally. Be rest assure the entire transaction is 100% risk-free for us.

Here is the deal; we shall share this fund 50% each when you finally receive the claim to any valid operational bank account outside Spain. And be very assured I have profound knowledge regarding the Spanish Probate system as it’s equally based on my legal expertise. I consider this one in a lifetime opportunity and would request you keep the content of this mail confidential and the integrity of the information because I have contacted you independently on behalf of our chamber [HISPANIC CHAMBERS].

Please if you demand to get more information, just let me know as I am willing to share further details or give answers to all questions.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation.

Mrs. Isabella M. Gomez (Barrister)

Attorney at Law – consultant |Call Time between 6:30am / 8:00pm Spanish Time

Tel: +34 632 228 712

E-mail: (Personal)
Please Consider the Environment Before Printing Receipt.

Ci-dessous l’image du mail

Et ci-dessous une image du site qui présente effectivement cette avocate

arnaque nigeriane 2

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