How to solve your issue

You need a clear representation of a complex situation as, for example, a representation of the competitor, of your digital visibility, major players…


A mapping of key actors will help significantly. Inter-Ligere offers its methods and experiences which has been well-tested in many areas (competitive watch, regulatory watch, lobbying…) and has proved his efficiency.

This will imply :
- Understanding the need
- Identifying entities to be mapped
- Detecting variables and criteria
- Collecting data
- Creating mappings


Helps understanding complex situations
Eases the scripting of the positions development
Facilitates the implementation of a strategy

These decision-making mappings offer at the same time :
- Solutions to help with decision-makings
- Solutions for reporting to the General Management
- Solutions for sharing informations
- Solutions for monitoring its own activity


You receive a representation of a complex situation and you can therefore concentrate on the most important elements.