etude pictoAre you facing complex issues ?

Inter-Ligere implements its expertise throughout research of informations and analysis using automated tools and wide human networks.

Our expertise :
- Benchmarking
- Analysis of online reputation
- Mapping
- Watch news

Your issue

- Do you wish to compare your position with other actors ? (competitors, partners…)

Our expertise

Benchmarking requires specific methods :
- A goal
- Research
- Analysis
- Remedial action


- You improve your process and global performance based on the best ones.

Your difficulties, problems, issues

Internet has introduced a new informational environment.
You wish to measure your visibility or client satisfaction and wish to detect it as soon as possible. You wish to calculate your return on investment thanks to your media relations or to prevent gossips.
Do not be the last person to be alerted by what is being said about you !


After one or several meetings, Inter-Ligere starts looking for the different relevant sources (websites, social networks, on-line press, data bases…) and key-words (names of main competitors, names of products, names of leaders,…) based on your issues. Automatic data collection tools are then set up in order to be alerted each time key words appear in the tracked sources.


Mastering your digital image,
-Measurement of client satisfaction and detection of discontents the earliest as possible,
-Detection of rumours,
-Calculation of your return on investment

How to solve your issue

You need a clear representation of a complex situation as, for example, a representation of the competitor, of your digital visibility, major players…


A mapping of key actors will help significantly. Inter-Ligere offers its methods and experiences which has been well-tested in many areas (competitive watch, regulatory watch, lobbying…) and has proved his efficiency.

This will imply :
- Understanding the need
- Identifying entities to be mapped
- Detecting variables and criteria
- Collecting data
- Creating mappings


Helps understanding complex situations
Eases the scripting of the positions development
Facilitates the implementation of a strategy

These decision-making mappings offer at the same time :
- Solutions to help with decision-makings
- Solutions for reporting to the General Management
- Solutions for sharing informations
- Solutions for monitoring its own activity


You receive a representation of a complex situation and you can therefore concentrate on the most important elements.

The core business of the company is to observe clients environment from different perspectives, sectoral, competitive, trade, marketing, image,…
Inter-Ligere adjusts the methodology and the deliverables according to its clients needs, and generally delivers a preliminary document, a weekly monitoring document (sending a watch letter), and finally produces decision-making mappings on an annual basis. Daily alerts can supplement this process

Detailed fact sheets

- Per-sector watch (see fact sheet)
- Competitive watch (see fact sheet)
- Trade watch (see fact sheet)
- Marketing watch (see fact sheet)

Juridical/legal watch, normative watch, technological watch… require very specific and sharp skills. Inter-Ligere works with the best specialists on these aspects and the aim of this network of partners is to respond most efficiently to any special needs.