Inter-Ligere was set up in 2008 and is managed by Jérôme Bondu,assisted by a strong network of independant experts. Depending on the required missions, the best experts cooperatetogether in a multidisciplinary work team, thus maximizing skills and performances.
Jérôme Bondu is holder of three Master degrees : master in Social Sciences and Humanities, master in Business Management, and a Master in Competitive Intelligence. He has now been working in the field of intelligence and consulting for over eleven years.. He was the first person to benchmark the best practices for competitive intelligence in France.He managed the French Institute of Competitive Intelligence (IFIE) before beingof marketing and communication for an consultancy company.

He is a former auditor of the Competitive Intelligence session of IHEDN which is the Institute for advanced studies of national defensce. . He also chairs the Competitive Intelligence Club(IAE de Paris Alumni), where he has been organizing over 120 conferences for the past 15 years. He is also hosting the « strategy and competitive intelligence » programme for the Web TV ActuEntreprise.
Furthermore, he is the author of various articles published by Archimag Paris’, IAE, ESIEE and ENA’s alumni press.
Inter-Ligere has, thanks to its founder Jérôme Bondu, created essentiael links over the years in the fields of CI, security and knowledge management.

According to the nature of the issues being assigned, the company will work in partnership with the best specialists in various fields of competences, such as…
- competitive watch
- Public relations and lobbying
- Security audit
- Crisis management
- Due diligence


We live in a world of communication and therefore any information must be treated as if it were raw material. As well as electricity it is hard to stock but is really usefull when it circulates. The objective of competitive intelligence is to generate an accurate information for the right person, at the right time and in a cost-effective manner.


- Expanding knowledge trough exchange and sharing 
- Developping collective intelligence

Why Inter-Ligere ?

Inter-Ligere refers to the Latin expression that gave the French word for intelligence : « Intelligentia » derives from intelligere meaning « choosing between », and the verb inter « between » and legere « bringing together, collecting »
Consequently, the message we wished to deliver through this rich etymology is that wealth is a result of crossed information. 
Inter-Ligere produces knowledge by connecting pieces of information together, as well as collaborators.


Inter-Ligere’s mission is to support companies with their strategic intelligence/information management.
All organizations need the same informations:
-what are my clients’ issues and prospects? how approach/prospect them?
-what about my competitors? how can I gain/increase market shares?
-what is my company’s image in the press and on the web? how may I improve it?
-how can I help my collaborators to cope with the information overflow on internet?

We act in three fields:
- Surveys, studies
- Consulting
- Training

Our expertise includes:
- Competitive intelligence 
- Data collection tools, information processing and analysis
- Digital reputation
- Knowledge management
- Human network managment

They trusted us



« Jérôme Bondu has been publishing  a weekly watch letter , and an annual decisional mapping. The watch newsletter ensures that we are currently aware of sector’s activitywithout wasting time withthe daily flow of information. The mapping allows us to analyse in details the actors’ positions on a specific matter. These two supports) are essential to overcome strategical information. »


« Jérôme Bondu has set up a training session based on how acquiring information from open sources. Trough this session, he drew up an overview of the useful tools and conducted several practical cases according to our interests. At the end of the training session, we had put together a platform free tools. This platform has since then become a key element of our communication towards our clients and partners through the publication of a monthly newsletter. »

Organizational consulting

« Jérôme Bondu has achieved several watch projects for the Malakoff-Médéric group. Whether for survey or implementation of watching approach, he was always considering the group’s needs and offering adjusted solutions. »

Vincent de Bary

Directeur Qualité, Etudes et Veille Groupe