conseil pictoYou want to set up or improve your intelligence process? 


We offer all or part of the process :
- Diagnosis of your watch-keeping capability (if one is already in place)
- Structural dynamic of the competitive intelligence
- Drafting of general organization
- Development of a watch plan, (choices of orientation, of sources, requests,…)
- Advice in choosing the moderator for the watch process, support for mastering this task
- Choice of the most appropriate watch tools 
- Building team awareness and providing training
- Implementation of internal networks in order to gather information 
- Implementation of performance criteria and, calculation of the return on investment

Implementing a dynamic competitive intelligence depends entirely on the structure and the culture of the company. 
According to the company, Inter-Ligere can offer different solutions: 
- A competitive intelligence cell reporting to the General Management
- Integrated services to each department (operating or functional)
- A specific department
- Or outsourcing,

According to the needs and means of its clients, Inter-Ligere recommends the most appropriate tools ; from Google alerts, a free of charge tool but imperfect and time-consuming, up to watch platforms, which purchase cost is offsest by the quality of given information and time-saving resulting.


You improve your process and your watch performance by using the best ones.